ePills 2.0

iPhone app for medication reminder

ePills is iphone app for having the medical prescriptions under control
Do you know when is time to take the pill?


The ePills iphone app is the perfect reminder for users to take medication. There are many benefits to the app, including :

  • Unfortunately, between 20% and 50% of chronic patients are unable to manage their medications. [ACM DL A model to personalize scheduling of complex prescriptions] .
  • It is very useful to have an snapshot of all the prescriptions that are you take.
  • With the app, you can see at any moment the duration until taking the next dose/medicine and project how long your current store of medicines will last for.
  • The app will trigger an alarm when it is the correct time for taking the next dose/medicine.
  • Optionally add (or take a picture) of the medicine for better identification.
  • A list of the most common medicines are supplied (for US, UK, Italy and Spain). This helps avoid confusion with the complicated product names.
  • Supported languages: English, Français, Italiano, Deustch, Castellano, Català, Português, Nederlands, Dansk y Pусский.


The application is FREE and available on:

Available on the App Store


Screenshots (new user interface)

640x1136ss-80 640x1136ss-80-1


Q: Is also available on Android?

A: Not at the moment.

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